Received your 60's style longboard last weekend... really nice board...and I was finally able to go out at 1am this morning to a 1/2 mile downhill called Spiral Ave on the east end of town...it didn't look that steep from the car... wide, smooth two-lane...well lit... no traffic. Until I stepped on your board, the only downhills I ever did when I was a kid in north Georgia on an aluminum Banzai with the goodies of the era. I started riding that board again last year after over 20 years to teach my 6 year old how to do it. The bug bit hard to relive my teenage years and I have just returned home, a proud but battered 43 year old who just made 4 insane trips down Spiral Ave(and I walked back up each time). Your board dropped me into a state of pure fear on the first trip because I did not expect what the combination delivered... the board took off like it had my demise at the top of it's agenda and got clean away from me... with me still on it.. .and I had a huge wipeout. Thank God I spent the money on a full set of helmet and pads-something I did without as a kid. To my credit, I got up and finished the first ride and from that point my relearning curve was steep. I really had to push myself to bite hard into those turns... my God! I found myself doing some of the contortions I hadn't done since I was 19. I really didn't think I had it in me. I fell off a couple of more times but with loads of style. The cops even came by and spotlighted me once, shook their heads and left. I am sore, have many bruises and cuts, my board and pads are scraped and dinged...but may I say thank you for putting together such a splendid combination and delivering it to my midlife crisis... this was the thrill I have been longing for for quite awhile... I did not know that it was going to come in a new longboard. I really feel good about myself again for having had the nerve to do this all over again. With greatest appreciation,