I've got to say, I grew up surfing Bunger's out of Babylon, New York and I've been a longboarder since. I've got nothing again the carves and the rush of biting into a good set, but I've got to say "Wow." With your longboards on street. It doesn't even exist here in Korea, not yet, and the looks you get are wild-- but when I'm talking about serious stoke, I can't imagine a name more perfect. It's just such a mellow ride. I mean, walking the nose and even getting some deep carves and DON'T EVEN TALK about the pushing. Why it took so long to hit up a BARFOOT, I don't know, but in my quiver, it's the ride I take out to find peace in my life-- it reminds me of why I got on boards in the first place...ANY BOARD! Thank you-- in a way I think is only possible when I'm grinning wide teeth and cruising with my soul.