Just received my LJ Richards board. This is my first time back on a board in about 25 years. I'm 38 now. First thing I did after getting home from work was take off my "monkey suit" and put on my "skate suit" and headed for a local office building parking lot to get the hang of long boarding. My earlier days of skating came back to me pretty quick, at least the basics did. It was about 15 minutes before a security guard came along in a golf cart. I asked if it was OK to skate in the parking lot. He politely told me about the no skateboarding policy. I felt like I was "back in the day" getting chased down by a security guard. I politely told him I understood and left the parking lot. I went to another spot and "bombed some hills". Well, they're hills to me. I live in Florida where it's pretty flat. After about an hour of doing that, I realized I don't have the body I used to have from "back in the day" and wrapped it up to head home for some golden bubbly refreshments.I had a blast getting chased by a security guard and bombin' the flat ol' hills of Florida! Who knows, I can probably convince my kids to pull me behind their bikes too.Looking forward to many more sessions!Alls I got to say is Chuck makes one fine board! The quality and finish are top notch! THANKS CHUCK!