Hi, Just last weekend my family and I were in Eugene,Oregon. We went into a shop that's been around for awhile, it's called Lazars's Bazar. Anyway to my freekin' amazement,I saw an unused/brand new Twin Tip Freestyle 171cm! I had an identical one,same color(yellow) but a 161cm back in '89/'90. Of course I had to buy it!I have it proudly placed in my living room,and I jones for the snow every time I see it! I probably won't ride it though,because it is new and I don't want to screw it up,but man,after a long days work,I walk in the door to my house and, blam! Something about the design and the simplistic coloring and that giant paw print makes me feel good!! Thanks for keeping the BARFOOT alive,and I can't wait to get a hold of the new swallow tail design! Oh, and by the way I have one of your longboards too, it's a killer cruiser! Big THANKS! Viva la BARFOOT!! Thanks-again!