One day way back in 1985-86 I walked into the main thrift store in downtown Santa Barbara, I don’t remember what I was looking for but I noticed 2 weird looking snowboards in a cardboard shipping barrel stuffed with snow skis, crutches and golf clubs.. I recognized the Sims Yellow Plastic Skiboard with the Lonnie Toft deck because I had been working for Chuck Barfoot the past year building skates and snowboards at $3 an hour.. and I remember seeing them in SKATEBOARDER magazine years before but I didn’t know what the big blue arrow shaped snowboard with the Sims stickers was. I really couldn’t afford them but something told me I should. Remember this was way before snowboarding even mattered. There were about 6 companies making 300 boards a year at this time,The Snowboarding magazine ABSOLUTELY RADICAL had only an issue or two out and well no one was collecting snowboards yet.. They just weren’t worth anything and the old ones weren’t even worth riding because snowboards were still going through changes every year so who wanted the old obsolete ones. Anyhow, I scrapped up $12.91 for the Blue one and $8.98 for the Yellow one. I was actually stoked to have the Lonnie Toft Deck because I was gonna take it off and skate it, don’t worry I never did. So I get home and I called Chuck and asked him to come over and check out this old snowboard I found. He finally stops by and as he walks in the room, his jaw hit the ground and his eye lit up. he says. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS? That’s my first Snowboard!. He just couldn’t believe it was in my living room. he told me a story of how it had been stolen from the factory 7 years before. He was so stoked I had found it, just couldn’t believe it.. So what did I do? I handed it over to him.. and said Merry Christmas.. Since then the board has been seen at shows and photographed for magazines, it’s a bit more beat up now from all the show and tell, soon I will photograph it from all angles and then have Chuck put it away.. I still own the Skiboard... a few years ago I started trying to dig up more of Barfoot’s history, I asked him to think hard and tell me who owned a camera back in the day that might have some photos. I contacted an old friend of Chuck and Tom Sims named John Roskoski. He sure enough had lots of slides of Chuck from when they both worked for Sims, he was nice enough to send them to me.. There was one photo of Tom Sims and a guy named Clint Schott who was a friend of Chuck’s, They were in knee deep powder with Sims jerseys and Yellow SKiboards... Actually Clint is responsible for Chuck Barfoot and Tom Sims coming to Santa Barbara back in 1969.. but this is a story for another day.. Clint was at my house about 7 years ago and I showed him the photo of He and Tom with the Skiboards.. Clint told me that that was the very first day Tom Sims had ever ridden one of the Yellow Skiboards, he says he remembers them taking them to the snow and putting them together in a hotel room.... Skiboards were actually made by a guy named Bob Weber and he sold them to Sims so he could sell them with his Sims skateboard decks.... I looked at the photo closely and looked the Skiboard I still had and noticed each groovy on each screw head matched up, every sticker etc. it all matched.. I realize I now owned Tom Sims’ very first Skiboard too… What are the odds?