I just got my first longboard, a BARFOOT Floral. It was just the board cause a friend of mine took it down off his wall so I could have it to ride. I put some wedge risers and Indy 149's w/ Bones soft bushings, on it with some Powell Bombers. This rides like a dream. I rode some of the demo boards at Purple SKunk in SF and couldn't find a ride I liked. I got on the Barfoot and feel in love. I am very impressed with the ride, it is everything I dreamed a longboard should be and then some. When I get going carving a hill the tail slides out just a little, giving that slash surf type of a feel. Awesome board, never ridden one with the Baku trucks, but I heard it's not stable at speed with the Baku's. The indy's were nice and stable under this board and have a nice turning radius with the soft Bones bushings. Thanks for making such a great longboard and keep up the incredible work... Peace;