At first I wasn't sure where I was going to be able to ride my board. We live in the mountains and there aren't many decent roads. Also, my Renny Yater Spoon is so fast that even on the slight incline of my street I was terrified to ride it. A couple of days later I drove past a parking lot with a one or 2 two degree slope, only two minutes from my home. I just found my Nirvana!!! It's like an asphalt wave, a cement ski hill. And since the parking lot is only used for a few hours on weekends, and is lighted, I can ride whenever I want!!! Never have I had as much fun doing anything (legal). And the board is the envy of everyone who sees it. The Spoon is a jaw dropper, and no one has seen anything like the trucks. Thanks Chuck for making such cool boards. Off the shelf boards don't compare in any way. Now I have to justify spending the money for another one!!