Let’s Help Scott Starr!

Help Scott Starr!

Please Help Scotty!

Hi, I am Suzanne Starr, and Scott is my big brother. I am starting this fund on his behalf. Everyone remembers the Scott Starr who was always very active and never home. He was always out photographing skating, surfing, snowboarding, and/or Frisbee. Have you noticed that Scott has not been out and about for the past 5 years? Well, what most of you do not know is that Scott has been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease! What most people do not realize about Meniere’s Disease is it affects the inside of your head/mind and you look physically normal on the outside. Meniere’s Disease is the most debilitating disease without having to be hospitalized.

About 5 years ago Scott was walking through his living room and he heard a loud pop and whooshing in his right ear. It sounded like a jet engine and his eyes were spinning in a circle. He then dropped to the floor and literally had to stay there for 8 hours not knowing when it would end or what was going on. He could not move a single muscle. So after a few days of what he learned are called “drop attacks” like this that just came out of the blue, he managed to get a ride to the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles and halfway through explaining his symptoms, the doctor told him he had Meniere’s Disease. The doctor told him he would lose hearing in both ears eventually. He needed to cut out alcohol, caffiene, salt and sweets, and all the stuff he loved. The “drop attacks” happened about everyday to every other day for 1 to 1.5 years.

He expressed many times his symptoms to be total lack of thinking, concentrating, could not add 2+2, nauseous 24/7 for 1.5 years, noise in ears, and pressure in his eardrum. At times, hearing the slightest noise would drop him to his knees that were so debilitating he thought his ear drum would shatter. Everything was happening in his head. His head was spinning, his eyeballs would spin clockwise and he would be stuck in bed for an entire day praying not to wake up. But for some reason God said no and he woke every time – Thank God!

When he would have a good day and could focus, he dove into the Internet and learned everything he could about Meniere’s Disease and discovered that his is due to the fact that his neck bones are out of whack. He then went to a chiropractor and this chiropractor said let me get your neck straightened out and if your symptoms still persist you can look for alternative remedies. As it turns out Scott had to see him every day as it was his only hope of getting better. He went everyday for 1.5 years to the chiropractor. He then started to have a day that he could actually focus, then it went to 2 days, 3 days, then it was 7 days and when he got to 7 months of no issues he began trying to get his health back and building his system back up, he was elated. So during all this time Scott was confined to the 4 walls of his home and could not leave because he never knew when he would have a “drop attack”. He lost friends, he lost contacts, he lost income, he lost his quality of life, he lost relationships and no one understood what he was going through as he didn’t even have the energy or thought process to even be able to explain what was going on.

This traumatic life altering event started when our economy plummeted and Scott was totally unable to generate an income. Scott started his video transfer business, sold his childhood coin collection, sold anything and everything he could on eBay, went on Craig’s List for free stuff to turn around and sell, anything to make money to live and pay bills, and his daily chiropractor bill. If you knew Scott you would know that he had never been in debt his entire life and had never asked for financial help from anyone. We were raised to be independent and self-sufficient.

Scott is now in debt way over his head and cannot seem to dig his way out. He has expressed to me daily the struggles he is having and yet he is still trying to track down and save films as well as share his old photos on Facebook. Scott desperately needs help to get him out of debt, pay living expenses, pay medical bills, get a new camera body, and get a new computer to help generate an income. He is also sitting on a pile of films that he has acquired in the last 5 years that will cost about $10,000 to transfer. He can’t even leave the house for more than 2 days at the risk of having a “drop attack”, and has to go to the chiropractor every other day continuously.

Any donation you can give to help Scott would be greatly and humbly appreciated as Scott would never come to you and ask for any kind of financial help. So please help Scott get back get out of debt, back on his feet so he can continue to save all the lost films, as nobody knows film and history of extreme sports like Scott.