It's probably been 35 years or better since I've skateboarded. Ever since I saw a longboard several years ago, I thought that that cruiser would be just for me. I went to the local skateboard shop last Wednesday and the floral nose rider caught my eye. One thing led to another and I bought it. Wow, I forgot what fun it was to ride! Thanks so much! You make a great board!!

—David Sanchez  

At first I wasn't sure where I was going to be able to ride my board. We live in the mountains and there aren't many decent roads. Also, my Renny Yater Spoon is so fast that even on the slight incline of my street I was terrified to ride it. A couple of days later I drove past a parking lot with a one or 2 two degree slope, only two minutes from my home. I just found my Nirvana!!! It's like an asphalt wave, a cement ski hill. And since the parking lot is only used for a few hours on weekends, and is lighted, I can ride whenever I want!!! Never have I had as much fum doing anything (legal). And the board is the envy of everyone who sees it. The Spoon is a jaw dropper, and no one has seen anything like the trucks. Thanks Chuck for making such cool boards. Off the shelf boards don't compare in any way. Now I have to justify spending the money for another one!!

—Tom Lyon  

My black square tail nose rider was my very first board and even with my collection now at 11 it is and has always been my favorite all rounder. With these 84a Zombie wheels, I can do everything and anything, free riding, sliding, long distance pumping, carving, and even some board walking. If I had to move to a deserted island with only one board it would absolutely be my BARFOOT!

—Ahren Ciotti  

BARFOOT boards are sick! I have the Renny Yater legend long board and it is my favorite of all time. Take my advice and buy one of these boards!

—Julianna Cossman  

im only 19 but im into more of the 80s style skating. i stumbled on one of your fish shaped boards at a local shop and was blown away. whether im bombing hills or kick flipping gaps, nothing but smiles. need to get me another one for sure.


Can't wait to see the new board. I need a replacement for the board I got from chuck back in what, 1998 - 1999, the all black deck with a small logo on the nose. Keep the updates rolling, I need my 3rd BARFOOT. I keep threatening to break out the Twin Tip Freestyle 161 for fun.

—Krister Favareille  

I recently had my spoon stolen and it's like losing an old friend...many hours of pure enjoyment on the board, great nose rider and all around performance long board. I'll be placing my order for a new one as soon as I'm done with this email!!! Nice to see someone building truly fine long boards, keep up the good work! Thank you,

—Bill Patchett  

Unreal boards, whats the gi joe. Cant purchase these mals anywhere in our great southern land. You guys need call your distributer down here, get em off the turps and into action mode. Selling these fine weapons to the masses who are walking around dazed & confused when there is no surf. catch ya


I purchased a longboard earlier and found your board online and bought it used, the person used it for a year and still rides as if it was brand new. It's the best board I've ever ridden. My daughter rode it and wants one just like it. I gave her my other board and stuck with yours. I'm pushing 46 yrs old and this board brings back memories of tearing it up back in Hawaii with my old Sims board. Most awesome ride ever. Plan on getting more boards for the kids (4 Kids). Thanks for an awesome board.

—Darryl Hiton  

Woo Hooo! I love my new Board!!! I'm so impressed with everything. Thank you Chuck for answering my questions on the phone!! I was so blown away that I got to talk to you... Since I had been reading about you for a few days on the internet making sure I was going to get the quality that I wanted! I'm very happy with my board. Everyone has enjoyed it immensely! If you are reading this and not sure yet on what you want, go with a BARFOOT Board. Its awesome!

—Jarrett Packer  

Hello again...just a quick update...I made 16 runs this weekend down Spiral...the 1/2 mile downhill on the edge of town...6 on Sat and 10 on Sun...1am to 3am both sets. Set one started off when 3 units from Hastings' finest stopped by my van to ID me and see what was going on. I told them and one said, "Hey, that's a longboard...those things are fast." Another said, "Say, aren't you that guy I saw last weekend out on Spiral? You scared the heck out of me...all I saw were arms and legs...I didn't know what it was...I knew it wasn't a deer though." The senior officer then says, "Alrighty then...have a good time and be safe." They leave. Oh, thank God...I thought my fun was over when they showed up. Well, I spent the last week on the road thinking about last weekend and what I had done on the board. I had no way to anticipate how those next 6 runs would go but they went flawlessly...I was glowing and exuberant...no wipeouts...no closecalls. This morning, I turned up the heat...10 fast runs...no traverses...straight down while keeping those trucks bent left or right...at speed they wobble but that can be controlled by keeping them bit to either side. I have not adjusted the trucks since receiving the board. I brake when necessary by breaking the rear wheels loose and sliding the board. I know next to nothing about longboards...I chose yours based on the comments left by others. I do know this. I am still alive and have no serious injuries (though I am still banged up from my big wipeout last weekend)and am so far ahead of where I thought I would be and I have done something that mystifies me...on your board. I use to ski in Europe ages ago when I lived there for a time and have only been once here in the US to teach a niece...otherwise, no real attraction. I know nothing about snowboards, but I know this...I am buying my snowboard from you for this winter because we have slopes here and I feel reasonably confident that I will not die on your board when I go snowboarding this winter. Which leads me to this question...will there be boards available this winter? God bless you all at BARFOOT...many thanks...

—Matt Darcy  

received your 60's style longboard last weekend...really nice board...and I was finally able to go out at 1am this morning to a 1/2 mile downhill called Spiral Ave on the east end of town...it didn't look that steep from the car...wide, smooth two-lane...well lit...no traffic. Until I stepped on your board, the only downhills I ever did when I was a kid in north Georgia on an aluminum Banzai with the goodies of the era. I started riding that board again last year after over 20 years to teach my 6 year old how to do it. The bug bit hard to relive my teenage years and I have just returned home, a proud but battered 43 year old who just made 4 insane trips down Spiral Ave(and I walked back up each time). Your board dropped me into a state of pure fear on the first trip because I did not expect what the combination delivered... the board took off like it had my demise at the top of it's agenda and got clean away from me...with me still on it...and I had a huge wipeout. Thank God I spent the money on a full set of helmet and pads-something I did without as a kid. To my credit, I got up and finished the first ride and from that point my relearning curve was steep. I really had to push myself to bite hard into those turns...my God! I found myself doing some of the contortions I hadn't done since I was 19. I really didn't think I had it in me. I fell off a couple of more times but with loads of style. The cops even came by and spotlighted me once, shook their heads and left. I am sore, have many bruises and cuts, my board and pads are scraped and dinged...but may I say thankyou for putting together such a splendid combination and delivering it to my midlife crisis...this was the thrill I have been longing for for quite awhile...I did not know that it was going to come in a new longboard. I really feel good about myself again for having had the nerve to do this all over again. With greatest appreciation,

—Matt Darcy  

Hey Chuck, Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how appreciative I was to get a call from you regarding my board order and that it was the right board for me. It's nice to know that there are people out there who still care about the satifaction of their customers. Also, I'm even more pumped about my purchase now, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. Thanks, Chuck.

—Chris Gutierrez  

I love my bamboo swallowtail....!it is my first longboard and definitely not my last! totally love BARFOOT since old days of snowboarding...this is a super floaty ride...very responsive, carves beautifully...do you make a stiffer board? i dig this, but would like a firmer deck...great stuff! killer designs too...

—Robert Leva  

Hey, whats up i just got the harbor Banana and it is amazing. i use it almost every day. The trucks are sick. i got new berings and wheels to make it faster but this board kicks major ass.

—Ricky Anderson  

Just received the LJ Richards long board for my son's 5th birthday! We love it! Chuck was so nice on the phone and it arrived quickly at our doorstep. All the kids love it in the neighborhood!


Just got my Rabbit Kakai and it is an awesome board - I am sure that I will enjoy for many years to come - Chuck, thanks for taking the time to select the right board for me.


I officially fell in love on the fourth of july when i stepped on one of your longboards at a good friends house- in 3 days i turn the big 3-0 and all i crave is one of my very own!:) hopefully- in 3 days i post how sore my legs are once again!! till then much love to the creator of these beautiful rides!


hey man! i recently ordered the mini egg from you guys and just got it in the mail today. i love it! im so stoked! its such a gnarly board. thanks again for the shirt and stickers too. peace and love


These boards are the best I wish I can get another one. I'am a begginer at boarding my first was BARFOOT these are real nice boards. I would recommend these to anybody who is wanting to longboard.


I just recieved my round tail nose rider, and it exceeded my expectations. I shopped around and looked at several different longboards, but i loved the traditional size, shape and finish of a BARFOOT board. Everybody that has seen it seems to agree, and they want a BARFOOT too.

—Roy Moore  

Hi CHUCK, Just got my board!Boy is it sweet. I enjoyed talking with you,and the time you took to make sure i got the best board for me. Thanks again, the board is top shelf! I feel like a 19 year old kid again! You Rock-all the best, I'm going to get another.

—Glenn Meyer  

BARFOOT longboards are sick dudes. i have a BARFOOT snowboard from the eighties and its pretty much the sweeeetest thing ive ever recieved.

—Zach Lavene  

Wow. This board cruises so smooth! I have the bamboo Legend and I love it! It is so beautiful, like a piece of art! But I'm still not afraid to ride it! It cross-steps so easy and it is overall a sweet board! Thanks for this beautiful board!

—Ian Boelts  

Just unwrapped a Swallow-Tail Woody for Christmas... She's a beauty!!! Lovin' your work BARFOOT.


Chuck, They have 64in of snow,at Wolf Creek,CO.as of today and more on its way, would love to ride a new BARFOOT board up there! Can't wait for the new boards.

—John Vigil  

I'm still riding my first BARFOOT snowboard and it's still awesome after all these years. I'm ready for a new one.... keep me posted on the new designs. Thanks,


IT HAS ARRIVED CHUCK. The board has arrived in one piece and looks stunning! The black (not what I expected) on the belly of the board looks awesome! Cant wait to take her out for the first time, really looking forward to it. Just want to thank you and the guys at BARFOOT for helping me out and placing this wonderful piece of craftsmanship in my hands. THANKS AGAIN CHUCK


Thanks for the update on your new products. I love my Nuuhiwa model BARFOOT Designs board. It's great for cross-stepping and noseriding. I'm stoked! Keep looking up,

—Frank Leonard  

Hey Ern, a blast from the past from a fellow Hilton class of '82. I've been riding Sector 9s here on the "hilly?" streets of Chicago, but your boards look sweet. I'll take a look. For some reason, I thought you were at 5150 doing snowboards. Hope all is well. See ya,

—John Roland  

Your Surfboards are designed for Epic ' Soul of the World ' Wave Trains ! Keep the Flame Alive + Your Dry Side Up!

—Theodore R. Tester  

Chuck, I've been riding your classic style longboard for about five years now and I just gotta say it is and has been my favourite board to ride since I got it. It is the most durable board as it has taken a brutal beating by me and everything I've smashed into and it's still going strong (though I broke the original trucks a long time ago). I just recently started riding bowls with this 47 inch board and it's a great time wherever I go. Thanks for the great board and keep up the good work!

—Chris McKay  

I'm am in need of a new board to,go along with my Rabbit Kekai. I will be talkin' to ya soon. Keep on shredin'

—Mitch Bonawitz  

I've got to say, I grew up surfing Bunger's out of Babylon, New York and I've been a longboarder since. I've got nothing again the carves and the rush of biting into a good set, but I've got to say "Wow." With your longboards on street. It doesn't even exist here in Korea, not yet, and the looks you get are wild-- but when I'm talking about serious stoke, I can't imagine a name more perfect. It's just such a mellow ride. I mean, walking the nose and even getting some deep carves and DON'T EVEN TALK about the pushing. Why it took so long to hit up a BARFOOT, I don't know, but in my quiver, it's the ride I take out to find peace in my life-- it reminds me of why I got on boards in the first place...ANY BOARD! Thank you-- in a way I think is only possible when I'm grinning wide teeth and cruising with my soul.

—James Gill  

i got this BARFOOT snowboard from a yardsale for free and dont know anything about it. It is bright green and says designed by ernie delost and chuck BARFOOT. 161cm twin tip freestyle. product number 863761. I would just like to know about it and stuff. PS I love the design of this board

—Chris Munro  

WOW! I have not got one of your longboards yet but don't worry because I'm getting one for Christmas! I really think that you guys have the really awesome designs that feature the nice wideness that I have been looking for in a longboard! All of my friends are into the "longboarding" that I don't consider longboarding with the slides and turns and tricks and fancy things but I really like just cruising, cross stepping, and just carving, and your longboard looks like the one for me! :D thanks for designing some real, classic longboards guys!

—Ian Boelts  

Great board!!! My Nuuhiwa longboard is fantastic. Thanks, Chuck for a high quality ride. I'm stoked! Keep looking up!

—F. Leonard  

Just received my LJ Richards board. This is my first time back on a board in about 25 years. I'm 38 now. First thing I did after getting home from work was take off my "monkey suit" and put on my "skate suit" and headed for a local office building parking lot to get the hang of long boarding. My earlier days of skating came back to me pretty quick, at least the basics did. It was about 15 minutes before a security guard came along in a golf cart. I asked if it was OK to skate in the parking lot. He politely told me about the no skateboarding policy. I felt like I was "back in the day" getting chased down by a security guard. I politely told him I understood and left the parking lot. I went to another spot and "bombed some hills". Well, they're hills to me. I live in Florida where it's pretty flat. After about an hour of doing that, I realized I don't have the body I used to have from "back in the day" and wrapped it up to head home for some golden bubbly refreshments. I had a blast getting ìchasedî by a security guard and bombin' the flat ol' hills of Florida! Who knows, I can probably convince my kids to pull me behind their bikes too. Looking forward to many more sessions! Alls I got to say is Chuck makes one fine board! The quality and finish are top notch! THANKS CHUCK!

—Rob C  

Hi CB....I just wanted so say thanks for going out of your way & sending your board down to me in Oz. It rips !!! Love your work...Cheers

—Nathan Press  

About 15 years ago on my first trip out west, my buddies and I met Chuck and his crew in Winterpark CO. All I can say is that it was a defining moment in my snowboarding life and I'll never forget how cool it was to meet some real snowboarding legends. I'm stoked to make my first longboard a BARFOOT. Everytime I skate it I'll remember that great first trip out west. Thanks!

—Ryan Seitz  

i tried my friend's rabbit kekai legend series longboard, and i immediately fell in love with it. i knew as soon as i rode it i had to have one, and i spent 3 hours today looking for it online before i found it. im so stoked to ride it. keep up the amazing job.


The Da Claw kicks some serious ass! My birthday just past and I got the board. The trucks have some insane turning capabilities. The wheels are okay and same with the bearings too. I have two longboards know but the Da Claw is awesome. Keep making awesome boards Chuck!


BARFOOT lonboards rule! Every other board made is just second best to your boards. I love how the are still hand made unlike some other brands. They have a great surf style. I have an Egg but I am getting a DA Claw for my birthday. Keep making these awesome boards!


I have a Munoz, Kekai, Velzy, and a Richards. All are top notch quality! You know how to do it right, Chuck!


Unbelievable, I was just skiing in NY, and a friend of mine had some boards to go to the dump. In there was a vintage BARFOOT from when I started boarding...no metal edges, it was turqoise. Needless to say, it is now in my home and on the wall. What a score!

—Duff Williamson  

I must compliment Chuck on his creations. At 49 and 230 lbs, I wrote Chuck to see if his boards could support my weight. Sure I'll build a thicker one for you. And He most certainly did. In fact, I love my HT Square Tail so much, I had him build me another. Both of these boards are wonderful, artful, soulful rides. It takes me back to sunny childhood/teenage days. My nine-year old son is in awe of his Dad cruisin' and carvin' around his school's playground and the local park. I tell you, ten minutes on a BARFOOT would bring about world peace. It doesn't get any better than this. Thanks for all your extra effort Chuck!

—Paul Hinsberger  

Wow. What a great birthday present to myself this new Richards board has been. It rides just as I imagined and the craftsmanship of the board is amazing. I have turned friends who have never skated before into believers with this board. I finally matched it with some Flashbacks and this board rolls out big! It has turned my time clock back a few years and accounted for countless hours of good times. Proud to represent BARFOOT on the east coast...I highly recommend Chuck's boards to anyone looking for a good ride.

—Charles Sexton  

Hey your boards are preety chill..... i rode one and it was insane.


I scored a sweet Donald T long board (nose rider) from Northwest Surfstyle at the Seattle Ski and Snowboard Expo. I Love this thing. It's my first long board and have turned 3 different friends on to your boards. Now we all three ride the streets of Portland on our BARFOOT Longboards. None of us have been able to hook up with BARFOOT stickers though, can you hook a couple of P-town riders up? Much thanks Chuck!!!!!

—Chris Huggett  

HT Squaretail.......Beautiful deck! Like the rocker on a board that size. Nice flex! Support BARFOOT Designs, send Chuck some coin and get yourself one!


Chuck, If you'd like some enthusiastic support with the distribution of your new/old boards in the Pacific Northwest, please sign me up. I'm a professional salesman, but more importantly, a life long (going on 17 years, anyway) BARFOOT rider. If not, I'm still chomping at the bit to get my hands on a couple for myself. Best regards,

—Mark Pent  

Not much changes in Beach Haven (thats good). Time to go Sking / Snowboarding. All the local kids are stoked on your longboards. Look forward to your retro snowboards.

—David F. Ollivier  

Hi, Just last weekend my family and I were in Eugene,Oregon. We went into a shop that's been around for awhile, it's called Lazars's Bazar. Anyway to my freekin' amazement,I saw an unused/brand new Twin Tip Freestyle 171cm! I had an identical one,same color(yellow) but a 161cm back in '89/'90. Of course I had to buy it!I have it proudly placed in my living room,and I jones for the snow everytime I see it! I probably won't ride it though,because it is new and I don't want to screw it up,but man,after a long days work,I walk in the door to my house and,,blam! Something about the design and the simplistic coloring and that giant paw print makes me feel good!! Thanks for keeping the BARFOOT alive,and I can't wait to get a hold of the new swallow tail design! Oh, and by the way I have one of your longboards too, it's a killer cruiser! Big THANKS! Viva la BARFOOT!! Thanks-again!

—Trevor Briggs  

New snowboards coming! Very Cool, I still have my yellow 161 twin tip freestyle, any chance of you and ernie doing a re issue of that model? great to hear you guys are back in the snowboard business. old skool rules.

—Danny Brunes  

Dude your longboard it totaly sweet. I wait for like 12 days for it and when it finally got here i ripped it out of the box and took it crusin. It handles the turnes like a pro. I'm so stoked that i chose your board over the competition.Thanks for the board and gimme a call if your ever in LBI. Later Chuck.

—Andrew Illuzzi  

Man, Chuck, my new BARFOOT Egg HT is the most amazing longboard I've ever set foot on. I was a longtime Sector 9 rider, but then on a whim I ordered a the BARFOOT and now I refuse to ride anything else! All other boards feel cheap compared to the rich, soulful, surf-style ride I get when cruising on my BARFOOT. I bought other trucks and wheels and even bearings to replace the stock parts with, but I found I have no need to do that because the all the equipment the BARFOOT comes with kicks ass anyway! It's awesome that the boards are still handmade too. Thanks a lot for making your sick boards.

—Wyatt Bertz  

Wow, just stumbled across your site! It's a small world, Hope you are well Chuck, and that this message somehow finds you, and makes you smile. Love Tonya, That chick that dated Terry Johnson a million years ago, lived across the road in La Conchita...and had such a blast making stickers and t-shirts at the old Brand X warehouse... Peace to you and yours! BARFOOT boards RULE! So does Chuck Barfoot! ^_^

—Tonya Smith-Baker  

YABA, DABA, DOO! Just got my board in today. Well worth the wait! Your workmanship is something to be proud of. At 45 my wife thinks I'm too old for this. Thanks Chuck for helping me keep young and pass a fantastic sport, and great equipment on to my daughter. I put in another order soon, guarenteed!

—DeWitt Eaton  

Hey Chuck- Just got my Dale Velzy signature complete today- Number 154, to be precise- and I had to drop you guys a line. I've ridden just about anything with wheels that I could get my hands on over the last 26 years, and this board, by far, defines fun on a skateboard for me now. I never would have imagined a board that looks, feels, and carves like yours do... And one other thing- The board is really beautiful. It's nice to see someone take so much pride in their work. Keep it up. It seperates your boards from the rest.

—Josh Lynes  

First off, all of the boards out here are amazing. I'm recently waiting for my Donald Takayama "In the Pink" and I can't wait for it to arrive. I rode a Sector Nine at a friend's house and thought that was fun, and later I tried an HT at another friend's house and thought it was the BEST ride. It was a quick decision, and I decided to go with the best looking board. I love the originality of all these boards. Keep up the good work!

—Mateo Pagani  

Hey ,you know i never do this, but when it comes to chuck BARFOOT it HAS TO BE SAID: go and get yo'self a BARFOOT! you owe it to yourself,mang! no joke, i can't stop riding my round tail noserider! do you guys have space? i could write about my 47 incher all day! good lookin' out,chuck! PEACE!


Greetings Chuck, I scored a Rippin" Rabbit several months ago and I'm totally stoked. The deck just feels so right under my feet. I never thought that I could execute such tight carves on a 47 inch deck. WOW! My only additions were a set of Bones Swiss and 68mm 3dm red Avalons (74a). Clearly the sweetest ride in the quiver! Nothing but gratitude!

—David Kite  

Hey, I'm really bored around here and the only thing to do is cruz. It's pretty landlocked and flat. I'm thinking about buying one of your boards because they are so original and cool. I love your hand-made style and how they are so retro. Well anyway, thanks for making my days fun.


Recently got my Woody Square Tail complete and to say that it's amazing is an under-statement. Its Awesome, Beautiful and Sssoooo surfy. I love it. I'm soooooo stocked. Chuck was a great guy to order from, even though he was a little hard to reach on the phone, because I'm in Ontario Canada, it all worked out beautifully in the end. The craftmanship on this board is outstanding and flawless. I'm trying to figure out a way to hang it on my wall after each session to show off its hypnotising beauty. Anyways, thanks a lot Chuck, the boards great... Long live BARFOOT Boards (I'm representing in Canada with my shirts I bought) Hang loose dude!

—Alex Leveille  

I just wanted to say that my buddy has a BARFOOT and he got me hooked. I just ordered the egg and can't wait until it comes in. Thanks, you guys are great.

—Mike Simon  

Chucky, I hope you didnt forget about the snow because it's DUMPING! up here! Wish you were here to enjoy it.


My friend bought the Harbour and as soon as he came over with it, and I fist rode it, I was amazed at how it handled. I bought my own BARFOOT Square Tail nose rider and it is amazing. My friends always compliment on how cool it looks and how nice it handles. One of my friends, Ben liked it so much he bought the same exact one! The craftsman ship makes it a truly amazing board and in my opinion the best cruising board out there. Thanks for making such a great product!

—Brian S.  

Wanted to send a note of thanks for not only producing a sweet riding board but a board with classic looks, lines, and superb quality! Been riding your R.T. Floral for three years now...awesome board, still rides supreme! I picked up a Woody Egg this year, and once again, just a sweet ride. Hey, I turn 50 this spring!, so anybody...yeah anybody thinking about grabbing a BARFOOT...don't hesitate. Seriously, for the asphalt cruiser, you just won't find a better ride.

—W.H. Daniels  

Chuck! I have been meaning to send you a Thank You note for over 2 months now! You were sooooooo awesome to help me out on such super last minute notice with the Velzy Board for my hubby's birthday! He loved it, still loves it, and so does everyone else! It rides awesome, especially on the downhill, and it is sooo beautiful to look at! So, thanks again and we will definitely get with you again!

—Holli Preece  

I love my Dale Velzy board.


Chuck, I wanted to thank you for working with my fiance on getting that Egg Woody to me for Christmas. I think you went "above and beyond" and I really appreciate it. As for the board, it's just incredible. I'd purchased a floral noserider last year for my fiance's birthday present and he and all of his friends were more than impressed by it. The guys that run the local skateshop are in love (I took it in to show it off). Maybe soon there'll be a bunch of East Tennesseeans on BARFOOT's. Thanks again!

—Teddi Kreutzberg  

Hey Chuck just took a peek at the pics in the history section and saw that old shot of the road jump. I had talked with Scott about that one awhile back and he was hunting for it i thnik. I just found a copy of it in my archives from the So. Lake Tahoe newspaper. Hope you can make it up for the Classic again this year. I heard that Achy is coming this time. Anymore of your guys going to make it? Anyway, take care and hope to see ya on the hill this season somewhere....

—Mike Chantry  

Hi my name is SKY, A couple summers ago Scott Starr turned me on to longboarding. I loved it the second I pushed off for the first time. He then introduced me to Chuck, the coolest person I know.(Well there are a few but Chucks is right on top). These are the finest boards a person could be blessed with... BARFOOT is the beginning of where I'm going.

—Sky Siljeg  

I ride a Yater Woody skateboard by BARFOOT, find it awesome for cruising hills in my local park. By the way, I am 70 years of age and still skating and surfing.

—George Grizzell  

I've had my "woody Donald Takayama" for about 5 months I and LOVE IT. People always comment on how great it looks, but better than that it performs amazingly.

—Ben Sandona  

Hey, just got the "round tail nose rider" Ordered it online so easily, and recieved it very fast. The board is really nice, nice deck, awsome trucks, great manouverabilty, all around awsome board. It did a nice job of preping me for learning how to snowboard in the winter, can't wait to hit the slopes. Im digging the board, 5 stars.

—Matt Rogge  

Love your website. And your longboards! Peace brother.


Chuck, As you know I've gotten a few board's for my friend's. I'm getting a little old for the 1/2 pipe. But your longboard's are getting some of us 40 + surf/skater's ripping w/ the kid's again.

—David Ollivier  

My uncle just told me that he ordered me one of the three boards we were looking at and now everyday i get online and look at all three wondering which one i will get to ride... I cant help but look at least 2-3 times a day.


My brother always gives me a hard time about giving me a ride home, I always end up wanting to kill him and getting thrown out of the car. For about 3 weeks now I have been waiting patiently for my new Rabbit Kekai board to come in. Finally it came in. Rides beautifully nice. Since I have my new heavenly board I don't have to bum rides off my jerk brother anymore. I would take a Cadillac ride over a dumpy traffic filled ride any day. thanks guys.

—Mason Francoeur  

Hey Chuck. How about making a looong board? You would make an awesome 58" longboard... Do it, Chuck. DO IT!!! :¨)

—Steve Hayward  

I just wanted to send a note saying how much I'm lovin' your Nuuhiwa board. It's an inspiring thing just to look at and when I step on it, the ride transports body and soul. It's a crazy sweet thing to carve the concrete waves of Vancouver on your board dude.

—Jon Siddall  

I am going to be buying a Barfoot board cause I have heard so much about them. I was wondering if your Floral is a nose rider for a 140 lbs man? I am also wondering if you are going to the Krypto Route 70 70mm/78a wheels? I saw them on your boards on another site. Can't wait to carve in Colorado. thanks


I've been gazing at your boards almost daily wishing i could get one but i have a question, what materials are your HT Legand boards made out of?

—Dusty Reed  

Dude, Barfoot boards are Awesome. Chuck was awesome with returning my emails and I love the board. Itís so beautiful it should go on my wall, but it rides too awesome to do that. When I got my board, my brother liked it so much he went out and bought one the next day. You guys rock. I am thinking about getting another board from you guys because I like Mine so much. ;-)

—Sean Vernon  

I got my new board today and my wife had to call me in to go to bed. Way to much fun I feel like a kid again. Thx Chuck and to all your staff.

—Eric Kauffmann  

Thanks so much for your help on the phone. I can't wait to get my board. I am sure you will be hearing from me again as soon as I get it, with all of my gushing.

—Sue Hopkins  

I just got my first longboard, a Barfoot Floral. It was just the board cause a friend of mine took it down off his wall so I could have it to ride. I put some wedge risers and Indy 149's w/ Bones soft bushings, on it with some Powell Bombers. This rides like a dream. I rode some of the demo boards at Purple SKunk in SF and couldn't find a ride I liked. I got on the Barfoot and feel in love. I am very impressed with the ride, it is everything I dreamed a longboard should be and then some. When I get going carving a hill the tail slides out just a little, giving that slash surf type of a feel. Awesome board, never ridden one with the Baku trucks, but I heard it's not stable at speed with the Baku's. The indy's were nice and stable under this board and have a nice turning radius with the soft Bones bushings. Thanks for making such a great longboard and keep up the incredible work..... Peace;


I was excited to see that Barfoot skateboards still exists. The first skateboard I owned was a Barfoot that I got second hand in 1984 and then outfitted the trucks and wheels at the Snowboard Shop from the Achenbachs basement in Calgary. The first snowboard I owned was a Barfoot twin tip that the Achenbachs gave me to try in 1987 when I worked at Sunshine Village (the only hill that allowed snowboards back then in Alberta). I just ordered a long board and am looking forward to using it and teaching my kids to skate and board. Thanks Chuck! Long live Barfoot boards!

—Eric Kauffmann  

I still have a Barfoot from like 3 years ago and itís still sick... It's such an amazing board... My new series of boards that I'll be gettin for now on is def. Barfoot...


Just over a week on my new Mickey Munoz woody... oh man, I've got to move to the mountains. This thing is born to cruise. All longboards are NOT the same. This baby just looks beautiful, and when I'm on the couch... it just stares at me with those hang dog eyes, next thing you know... I'm grabbing onto someone's bumper and motoring across town. Thanks Chuck! I'll have this ride forever!

—Kevin Lee  

I live near a paved bike trail that consists of some fairly steep hills and some flat terrain. This trail runs about four miles long, and goes through woods, over bridges... very scenic. There is no greater feeling than coasting through this trail on my Barfoot longboard. I get the same feeling from it now as I did when I was eight years old. My Barfoot board has helped me remember why I loved skating as a kid and taught me how to capture the magic again. Thanks!

—Julie Dameron  

My wife surprised me with the Yater board for my birthday, making it the best birthday since I was a kid. It rides like a dream, but it's so beautiful I'm scared to mess it up. Anyway, after a year or so of pining for this board and daily stare sessions on your website, I can now stare at it all day for real.

—Brian Miller  

I am sad to hear about the passing of Dale Velzy and have gone out and purchased a Chuck Barfoot skateboard signed by both Chuck Barfoot and Dale Velzy. It's number 65 of your production, dated 4/16/05. It proudly carries a "Surf Boards by Velzy" decal on the deck and I must say that I am very happy with my purchase. Now I believe that I must put this board up on my wall, displaying it, so to say, as a monument to dale and purchase yet another longboard to actually ride... I can't wait!


Just picked up the Rich Harbour... Swweeettt! My last ride was a logan earth ski, tracker trucks, oj wheels, i dont get out much.


Your boards are by far the best that I have seen. 1 Q/A. Why do the woodys cost so much more than the H series? is it that fact that they are wood or do they ride better? - It's because they are not wood stringers.

—Matt Jordan  

Barfoot makes the best boards out there. I've have been riding only Barfoot longboards ever since i first saw Mike Santarosa stylin' a nose wheelie on a Barfoot on the cover of the very first issue of "International Longboarder Magazine" (RIP).. way back in the summer of 1999

—Justin Von Zipper  

Am still enjoying my Square-Tail Noserider! We finally had some good weather in the city over the weekend, so I was able to tear up the city streets. I absolutely love that board, and am stoked everytime someone asks about it. I like the new site, and the new Barfoot logo. Curious to know, did you discontinue the Peggy Oki boards? Was thinking about adding that one to my collection for some of the steeper hills of SF. Hit me back if you can, man. I hope all is well with you. And, thanks again for making such rockin' boards!

—Zach Parker  

Just wanted to let you know I have been riding with your board for the last 4 years and have been loving every moment. I live in Germany and when a nice sunny day comes around I grab my board and head out the door to hit the hills. Well I really just want to say thanks for such a great product.

—Thomas Becker  

Hello, I've visited your website many times now, lusting over several of your boards; they're truly beautiful. Can you tell me: I've looked specifically at the Bar Harbour "Banana" in the Surf Legends category. Although painted, is the construction similar/same as the rest of your boards? Thanks

—Allen Wood  

Greetings, This is as much a fan letter as a customer question. To put it simply, I'm love with your boards. For the some reason the Nuuhiwa is really speaking to me. To be honest, I'd really like to get two. One to ride and one to hang on my wall. These boards are pure art! Currently, I'm riding a 47inch pintail from Sector 9 and 38inch board street board. I'm looking for something to mix up my riding with. For the most part I do a lot of (generally) flat land city riding and commuting. Would you recommend the Nuuhiwa board or something else like the Velzy?

—Evan Frith  

One day way back in 1985-86 I walked into the main thrift store in downtown Santa Barbara, I don’t remember what I was looking for but I noticed 2 weird looking snowboards in a cardboard shipping barrel stuffed with snow skis, crutches and golf clubs.. I recognized the Sims Yellow Plastic Skiboard with the Lonnie Toft deck because I had been working for Chuck Barfoot the past year building skates and snowboards at $3 an hour.. and I remember seeing them in SKATEBOARDER magazine years before but I didn’t know what the big blue arrow shaped snowboard with the Sims stickers was.. I really couldn’t afford them but something told me I should.. Remember this was way before snowboarding even mattered.. There were about 6 companies making 300 boards a year at this time,The Snowboarding magazine ABSOLUTELY RADICAL had only an issue or two out and well no one was collecting snowboards yet.. They just weren’t worth anything and the old ones weren’t even worth riding because snowboards were still going through changes every year so who wanted the old obsolete ones. Anyhow, I scrapped up $12.91 for the Blue one and $8.98 for the Yellow one.. I was actually stoked to have the Lonnie Toft Deck because I was gonna take it off and skate it, don’t worry I never did.. So I get home and I called Chuck and asked him to come over and check out this old snowboard I found. He finally stops by and as he walks in the room, his jaw hit the ground and his eye lit up.. he says..YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS? That’s my first Snowboard!.. He just couldn’t believe it was in my living room.. he told me a story of how it had been stolen from the factory 7 years before.. He was so stoked I had found it, just couldn’t believe it.. So what did I do? I handed it over to him.. and said Merry Christmas.. Since then the board has been seen at shows and photographed for magazines, it’s a bit more beat up now from all the show and tell, soon I will photograph it from all angles and then have Chuck put it away.. I still own the Skiboard... a few years ago I started trying to dig up more of Barfoot’s history, I asked him to think hard and tell me who owned a camera back in the day that might have some photos. I contacted an old friend of Chuck and Tom Sims named John Roskoski.. He sure enough had lots of slides of Chuck from when they both worked for Sims, he was nice enough to send them to me.. There was one photo of Tom Sims and a guy named Clint Schott who was a friend of Chuck’s, They were in knee deep powder with Sims jerseys and Yellow SKiboards.... Actually Clint is responsible for Chuck Barfoot and Tom Sims coming to Santa Barbara back in 1969.. but this is a story for another day.. Clint was at my house about 7 years ago and I showed him the photo of He and Tom with the Skiboards.. Clint told me that that was the very first day Tom Sims had ever ridden one of the Yellow Skiboards, he says he remembers them taking them to the snow and putting them together in a hotel room.... Skiboards were actually made by a guy named Bob Weber and he sold them to Sims so he could sell them with his Sims skateboard decks.... I looked at the photo closely and looked the Skiboard I still had and noticed each groovy on each screw head matched up, every sticker etc. it all matched.. I realize I now owned Tom Sims’ very first Skiboard too… What are the odds?

—Scott Starr  

I'm 13, it's my second year snowboarding, I'm wearing hand-me-down black Spyder racing ski pants, a bright neon pink and black Gotcha shell, and Sorel boots with ski boot liners jammed in them. I'm strapping on my first rental board at Bridger Bowl ski area in Bozeman, Montana, a yellow Barfoot Twin Tip Freestyle 151. Fast forward to current day, October 2010 I'm 33 and I'm waiting with baited breath for Chuck's new snowboards! I want to support one of the originals in the industry and get myself a sweet, unique board to keep cruising on! Minnesota may suck for boarding but I always look forward to the trips out west!

—Eric Moreira   Minnetonka, MN