BARFOOT High Performance Bamboo

Designed for all around high performance ripping, these boards are rockered from truck to truck giving the rider a lower center of gravity and also changes the angle of the trucks making the board turn tighter. These boards have a verticle grain bamboo core sandwiched between triaxle fiberglass with bamboo top and bottom using epoxy glue. Each board has a snappy flex pattern from truck to truck for the the weight of the rider and a stiffened tail with extra fiberglass!

Which Flex is for you?

Flex 1 - Flexy - For riders weighing 170 lbs. or less.

Flex 2 - Stiff - For riders weighing 170 lbs. or more, or those that prefer a stiffer ride.

Recycled Materials


We use RECYCLED crushed glass in our BARFOOT CRYSTAL CLEAR TRACTION SYSTEM! This allows the wood and graphics to show through on the top. We also use bamboo which is a quick growing SUSTAINABLE wood!

Performance | Flex 1