Chuck Barfoot with first concave skate decks

First Concaves Ever?

These might possibly be the very first concave boards that were ever produced, that we are aware of. Sometime in 1980, BARFOOT began to make convex boards to avoid the need for wheel-wells and to keep the tails from breaking with the advent of the street ollie.

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HP Bamboo Series Sale

To all our friends, we hope your summer is getting off to a groovy start! The HP Bamboo Longboards won’t be on sale for much longer if ya need a cruiser, these are the ticket!

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Chucky’s Instagram Contest Winner

So many awesome #barfoot tags out there, and we have a winner. You just can’t argue with @onelovebriggs collection of BARFOOT models.

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Tom Sims Retro World Championships

As snowboarding grows into the future of triple corks, X-games and multiple events in the Olympics, we might begin to lose sight of the modest beginnings of this activity we all enjoy and cherish so much.

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