Team Fossil

Team Fossil

This 44″ SIMS TAPERKICK is the (LONE SURVIVOR of ONLY 8 that were made!

I put a lot of miles on it between the T-BOWL, HOT SPRINGS ROAD and RIVEN ROCK back in the 70’s!

I road it up until a couple years ago when some kid asked me if he could try it.

I said yes but only carve it! The idiot did an ollie on it! After he picked himself up off the ground from a hard punch to the chest and me screeeeaaming at him, the board was still intact! One of the few times I EVER LOST IT!

Tom Sims wanted to get it back from me a few years back but there was know way I could let it out of my site! IT SITS AGAINST THE WALL IN MY OFFICE WITH SOME MY OTHER SIMS JEWELS! Sure do miss the guy! :-(