Tom Sims Retro World Championships

Chuck Barfoot
Bob Klein rally’s legends like Chuck Barfoot, Chris Roach, Mike Hess, Shawn Farmer and more to the slalom course on Day 1. Photo by JP Lagos

As snowboarding grows into the future of triple corks, X-games and multiple events in the Olympics, we might begin to lose sight of the modest beginnings of this activity we all enjoy and cherish so much. As always, behind the scenes there are a core group of people keeping it real and turning their back to the coolest new trends and media hype, but it’s not often that this side of snowboarding gets revealed to more than the people on the scene at the time.

The 30th Annual Sims World Cup Of Snowboarding did just that. The weekend of March 23, 2013 marked the 30th anniversary of the first World Cup of Snowboarding back in 1983, and true to form, the contest was held on the same slope as it was for it’s inception: The hallowed ground of the revered but forgotten Soda Springs. Keeping with tradition, the hand dug halfpipe was built in it’s original location and the Giant Slalom course was laid out just as Tom Sims had specified in 1983. To top it off, competitors spanned the age range from the legends of yesteryear all the way to today’s youth. Everyone brought out their favorite board, boots and onesies from days past featuring the technology, or lack thereof, and rode the shit out of them. Combine this with California sunshine, live music on the deck and beers all around and you have the perfect weekend of snowboarding leaving many people wondering if was 1983 or 2013.

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