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This 1981-82 LIMITED COLLECTORS EDITION BARFOOT SNOBOARD is the very first of my snowboards made under the BARFOOT DESIGNS name as a company!

I had built built several one of a kind fiberglass prototypes before these boards!

The first being a shape Tom Sims had asked me to build for him in the summer of 1978!

While making this board; I realized I could make something more advanced!

I designed my very first snowboard in my head, drew it up on paper, figured out how to make a mold for it and that was the very beginning for me! That was approx October of 1978!

Tom and I continued hand building one of a kind solid fiberglass prototypes for the next couple of years using the molds I made!

I experimented with V-bottoms, channels, fins, outlines, flex patterns, ect!

We would go ride them and come up with better ideas each time!

Tom and I had a cold press frame made up by Charlie Watson and we hand made the mold for our very first skateboard construction SIMS SKIBOARDS & BARFOOT SNOBOARDS!

Tom and I hand shaped this mold in a little barn in the foot hills of Santa Barbara (Montecito)!
We had our own separate outline shapes that had the same wood, fiberglass & epoxy lay up!

We were suppose to get equal amount of production but some how I got 25 and Tom got 125 at Christmas time!
NEEDLESS TO SAY; that was a problem!

That is what split us up for good and BARFOOT DESIGNS began!

The LIMITED ( 25 ONLY ) COLLECTORS EDITION is the number of these reissued boards I have chosen to make because of its importance to me personally!


The STOKER for me is that Ernie DeLost and I nailed the original shape and we have found all the original hardware as well as hand making the aluminum fins (as back in the day)!


BOARD / Amount
#1 – $7,000 (EBAY BID ONLY)
#2 – $6,500
#3 – $6,000
#4 -$5,500
#5 – $5,000
#6 – $4,500
#7 – $4,000
#8 – $3,500
#9 – $3,000
#10 thru #19 – $2,500
#20 thru #25 – $2,000

#17,21,25 are SOLD!

These boards may be PRE-ordered and paid for (except #1) NOTE: #1 WILL BE BY BID ONLY!

Each of these LIMITED EDITION SNOBOARDS will be owned by the person who orders it and pays for it first!


Chuck Barfoot

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The Collection of Brooke Long Thu, 11 Sep 2014 23:57:40 +0000 B_7 B_8 B_9 ]]> 0 Retro Snoboard Collector’s Edition Wed, 27 Aug 2014 15:02:13 +0000

This is the first (artist proof) 1981-82 RETRO BARFOOT SNOBOARD COLLECTORS EDITION off the press!

Still needs to be finished but thought you all would enjoy this early preview!

They will be ready shortly!


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Mark Partain | 16th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest Mon, 11 Aug 2014 17:27:10 +0000

Congrats to Mark Partain on his 5th place finish at the 16th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest at Lake Cunningham Skatepark in San Jose!

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Retro Snowboard Update Sat, 09 Aug 2014 20:40:27 +0000


That was the defining moment of the separation of SIMS SKIBOARDS / BARFOOT SNOBOARDS! The Collectors Edition is the exact replication of that time period and NO MORE of that exact board will be made again! THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME PERSONALLY! TOM WAS my best friend for many years and this was a time in history that can not be changed! ON ANOTHER NOTE; We will make the RIDERS EDITION very similar but adding a slight rocker in the tail, ptex base and stainless steel fins! THEY WILL BE PRESSED ON THAT SAME MOLD! HOPE THIS WORKS FOR YOU AND ALL THE OTHERS WHO CARE ABOUT THE HISTORY! I CERTAINLY DO CARE DEEPLY! KEEP YOUR SHRED ON!

Check BARFOOT Facebook for the latest commentary!

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Chuck Barfoot Interview Tue, 04 Mar 2014 00:25:26 +0000 Chuck-Barfoot

My good friend Jake Des Roches just posted an interview with me over at Mountain Weekly News!

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Hardcore BARF to the Bone! Wed, 26 Feb 2014 01:36:09 +0000 ]]> 0 Longboard Classic 2014 Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:56:48 +0000 The Woodstock of Snowboarding, The Longboard Classic in Stuben am Alberg is happening April 5th, 2014. Yours truly is the Special Guest!

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Chucky’s Instagram Contest Winner Fri, 12 Apr 2013 06:16:35 +0000 @onelovebriggs collection of BARFOOT models. ]]>

So many awesome #barfoot tags out there, and we have a winner. You just can’t argue with @onelovebriggs collection of BARFOOT models. Congrats. Contact us to claim your prize! STAY COOL!

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Carving Through History with Chuck Barfoot Part Two: BARFOOT is Back Fri, 01 Mar 2013 07:06:37 +0000 By Jake Des Roches | February 22nd, 2013

Chuck Barfoot
Barfoot building one of his first snowboards, December 1978.
Photo: John Roskowski

From building some of the first snowboards nearly thirty-five years ago, to ending production almost ten years ago, Chuck Barfoot has seen a lot. He’s been around long enough to know the difference between what makes a good board, what makes a mediocre board, and what makes a great board. In re-entering the world of snowboard manufacturing, one thing is certain, Chuck Barfoot is fully committed to crafting great boards.

Beginning in the 2013-14 season, we will once again have the opportunity to ride brand new BARFOOT snowboards. The boards will be produced in small batches, not in lots of 10,000, to ensure quality. The boards will also be hand made right here in the USA, in the factory Chuck’s board-building partner, Ernie Delost, owns in San Diego, California.

The benefits of producing at a factory close to home are many, but I say it really comes down to just two, quality and control. Chuck described it to me in terms of red tape; “We can be building that board and have a few people go, ‘You know what? We’d like to have the flex changed a little.’ And we are able to make that change within minutes, versus months and months of people freaking out. There’s a lot less red tape because it’s Ernie and I making decisions and we can make them on the spot.”

To many, this will come as a relief. A lot of riders (and skiers) out there are simply fed up with cheaply produced (but still expensive) boards and skis that are made in a factory several thousands of miles away, oftentimes in China. But those are big brands that pump out dozens of models of boards, and sell thousands of them worldwide. Luckily for us, that’s just not the Barfoot way.

It makes me happier than hell when I’ve got somebody on one of my boards going, ‘Damn! There’s nothing that rides like this.’

Next year, BARFOOT will have two boards available to the public. One is a cambered, all-mountain slayer, and the other is a rocker-camber hybrid freestyle board. The all-mountain board will feature a low profile camber and a longer than standard transition between the camber and the nose and tail lift. The freestyle board will feature a slight rocker between the feet, a little bit of camber underfoot, and be coupled with an early-rise nose and tail. BARFOOT has two design features for us that will really set these boards apart.

First, every board at every length will come in a narrow, standard, and extra wide width. Chuck explained why; “So that we can have people who have a size thirteen versus a size seven, but still ride a 158, ride the same board. They can have a board that fits them, rather than have something that they have to wrestle with, or a board with toe and heel drag.”

Second, BARFOOT’s binding inserts will feature an extended width design. This pattern will allow for a rider’s bindings to be mounted with two to three extra inches of variation, which leads to a board that fits each rider better. Chuck explained his reasoning to me again; “Because you know, if someone has a 20-inch stance, someone has a 22-inch stance, someone has a 24 inch stance, they can all ride that same board. It offers a lot of adjustability for your stance, more so than other boards that are on the market.” This will also let riders push their bindings way-way back for powder days and re-center them for days when the snow is not as deep.

I tried to get Chuck to go into detail on the materials he will be using. But that is something he wants to keep secret for now. He assured me that all materials from the base, to the cores, to the top-sheets will be of the highest quality, and like I said earlier, will be hand built in Ernie Delost’s San Diego factory.

One thing that long-time BARFOOT fans, and those looking for the best performing snowboard possible, will be interested in, are custom-made boards. Sadly, Chuck isn’t quite ready to open the custom-shop to the public. But he did say, “Making custom boards available to the public is something we want to do. We do make custom boards for some of our riders now.” So all hope isn’t lost, especially considering that this man truly loves building boards.

“It’s something that I love doing, because we’re making a board that fits you like a glove.” Chuck went on further; “It makes me happier than hell when I’ve got somebody on one of my boards going, ‘Damn! There’s nothing that rides like this.’ Or, ‘This board is so perfect for me!’ Then you hear them talking about pow days or whatever they did, something outrageous, and they landed it, and the board worked perfectly and you’re like, ‘Yeahh!’ It’s like you did it yourself.”

Reprinted courtesy of Teton Gravity Research

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